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OkTECHberfest: Tech Tools for the Arts part 3

For those of you just joining us, we’re in day three of celebrating OkTECHberfest, a week-long convening of our fabulous Tech staff in New York City. Every day this week we’ll be sharing some of our tech team’s favorite tech tools that you may or may not have heard of! There’s a treasure trove of powerful tools for artists, if you just know where to look.


daisydiskToday's tech tool comes from our intrepid software developer Clinton Judy who spends his days developing new features on As a society, we are moving more and more of our data and media to digital formats, abandoning physical media. Soon, things like DVDs and CDs will be a faint memory on the technological highway to the future. Because of this, it's easier than ever to fill up your hard disk space with your costume designer's sketches or that video artist's portfolio. After a while it can be a challenge to manage all your data and figure out which large files you can delete to open up space in your already crowded drive. DaisyDisk is an app that makes all this much easier by scanning your disks and visualizing your data files so that you can find those large but obsolete files and delete them. Check out this great review on Fast Company's website for more info!

DaisyDisk from Dmitry Gavriliuk on Vimeo.