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Techtool Tuesday: Kitsplit

Whether you're just getting started with creating videos or you're a veteran filmmaker-- the question of photo, video and audio gear always comes up. While the price floor for professional quality equipment has fallen dramatically in recent years, it's usually still high enough to give you pause before committing to a piece of equipment. This is especially the case if you're not sure how long you'll need a piece of equipment.


In the past, renting equipment has been dominated by large rental houses, but now for the first time a new technology startup called KitSplit is bringing the AirBnB model to equipment rentals. With Kitsplit, creatives can rent professional-level equipment from other creatives in their area. Renters often are able to get below market rates by renting directly from other artists, without going through a middleman, while equipment owners are able to earn some revenue back on the expensive equipment they've invested in when not in use.

screen-shot-2015-08-26-at-80926-pmKitSplit tries to make the entire process as frictionless and secure as possible by offering equipment damage coverage (up to $10,000) and even free delivery services within NYC (Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn). Currently, KitSplit's community is primarily based in New York City and Southern California, but plans to expand to more communities in the future.

Kitsplit is currently in beta and vets each of their users before allowing them to rent gear. So if you're interested in joining the site, as a renter or an equipment owner, you can request to join by going to their website and filling out a request form. Use the code "FAtlas" when signing up to expedited through their vetting process.