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#TechToolTuesday: Artwork Archive

As a visual artist, it can be difficult to balance both your time in the studio creating new work, and the time you spend corresponding with gallery owners, potential buyers, and art collectors. Keeping track of where your inventory is, how successful your pieces are selling, and where interested buyers are located can be a headache. There are a number of Customer Relationship management tools available, including our own platform... but Artwork Archive is built to solve the specific question of artwork inventory management.

artwork-archive-logoArtwork Archive is a web application that allows you to track your artwork pieces, the galleries in which they are being displayed, record your sales, and manage your contacts. Their are three membership tiers: Trial (which is free), Apprentice ($39/year), and Master ($79/year).

The free membership lets your track up to 10 pieces at a maximum of 2 galleries, but the contact management and reporting features are free at all levels. At $79/year you can track an unlimited number of inventory and venues. If you're interested in signing up for a paid membership, be sure to check out the 20% off your first year Special Offer on our Special Offers & Discounts page for Fractured Atlas members.