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#TechToolTuesday: Free & Affordable PR Tools

Media coverage is essential to building a successful arts career or arts-related business. The process of developing a PR program and reaching out to journalists, however, can be daunting and intimidating, while hiring a publicist or PR firm can be prohibitively expensive for many independent artists or small arts organizations.

In advance of hosting a free PR 101 Webinar for Fractured Atlas members on Tuesday, January 28th from 7:30-8:30pm ET, we asked the session’s host, PKPR founder Patrick Kowalczyk, to share his recommendations for free or affordable tech tools that are essential to helping any artist or organization receive the media attention and audience they deserve.

Patrick’s recommended PR Tech Tools include:

  • Google News Alerts (Free): To develop a smart PR strategy, you first need to up-to-speed on how you, your competitors, and relevant topics and issues are covered in the media. Google News provides email updates of the latest mentions in news media any topic relevant to you.

  • Twitter (Free): The best way to get to know the journalists that might cover you is to follow them on Twitter. You’ll soon get a sense of what type of news they are interested in, what stories they are working on, and how you will best fit into their coverage. They also often include the best way to reach them and their contact info in the Twitter bios.

  • Muckrack (Free version): Muckrack boasts a free database of thousands of journalists and bloggers with links to all of their social media platforms.

  • Help a Reporter Out (Free): Help a Reporter Out is service that connects reporters with sources for their stories. Via its newsletter and Twitter, Help a Reporter Out lets you know the interviews, sources, and information reporters need for the stories they are currently working on.

To learn about more free and affordable PR tech tools and other PR basics, sign up for the Fractured Atlas PR 101 Webinar on January 28th.