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#TechToolTuesday: Marvel

We've gone over tools that help you design working prototypes of websites on the fly, like But today we wanted to feature a new app called Marvel (no relation to the comic book publisher), that helps you quickly design sleek, clickable, app prototypes that you can send to your vendor or client.

The cool thing about Marvel is that the app samples images for your prototype directly from files in your synced Dropbox account. No need to export images from a photoshop or illustrator file. This way, as you made edits to your original document, the sample images in your prototype automatically update as you edit your original documents. Once you sync the files into your Marvel project, it's really simple to go into your images, create clickable areas and link them to other pages you've synced. Within minutes you can go from a few jpegs or photoshop files to a functional prototype to show to a client or a programmer. Check out the video below to see the application in action!

Marvel App - Create interactive prototypes from PSDs and images in your Dropbox. No coding required. from Murat Mutlu on Vimeo.

Just because you don't know how to code doesn't mean you should be blocked out of the technology process. This is a great handy tool for both the User Experience expert and the artist looking to get their interactive technology project off the ground.

We'd also be remiss if we didn't also insert a plug for our Software Development Fellowship that is accepting applications right now. It's a great opportunity for artists looking to supplement their income by learning some new technology skills.