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#TechToolTuesday: ZenPayroll

Setting up a business can be complicated, and one of the more fussy parts of running a business is payroll. Keeping track of all of your employees' wages, bonuses, tax withholding, and 401Ks is difficult enough as it is while making sure everyone gets paid on time. Traditionally, most businesses outsource these services to companies like Paychex, ADP, or Intuit. Often times these services can be quite expensive and also come with advanced features that you may not need. ZenPayroll is trying to solve this age-old problem by offering "payroll redesigned for the modern business."

ZenPayroll (Product Video) from Brett Marty on Vimeo.

ZenPayroll is a web-based application that wants to change the way people get paid. The application makes it super easy on the employer end and improves the actual pay day experience on the employee end with things like simple online sign-up process and weekly e-mails with beautiful data visualizations about your pay, with nary a hard-copy form in sight. Plus, the service is super affordable. Organizations like Fractured Atlas with 30+ employees can easily pay upwards of $250-$400 every month. But ZenPayroll's pricing is super simple: $25/month + $4 per person for the first 10, and $2/person thereafter. For an organization with 30 employees, that's just $105 per month! Quite a savings!

Check out the application here, and read this great write up about the company that TechCrunch did a few weeks ago.