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Beautiful Ventures
Cultivating the Ecosystem for the Next Harlem Renaissance
Film/Video/Media · Atlanta, GA, USA
Sponsored since Sep 17, 2020
Film/Video/Media · NEW YORK, NY, United States
Sponsored since Jul 5, 2020
Being Able
A powerful documentary film about deaf autistic savant Michelle Rick's journey to freedom.
Film/Video/Media · Los Angeles, CA, United States
Sponsored since Dec 3, 2019
Believe Fine Arts, Inc. Fine Arts...
Creating A World Where We Express Our Dreams Through Our Gifts & Talents
· United States
Sponsored since Jul 28, 2014
BelieveAbility--Faith has many Faces
· NewYork, NY, United States
Sponsored since Apr 18, 2018
Belize Benevolence Project
Transforming Communities Through Art and Faith
Film/Video/Media · Riversdale, Stann Creek West, Belize
Sponsored since Apr 7, 2020
Bella Deluxe Entertainment
Artful Entertainment in the air and on the ground
· United States
Sponsored since May 17, 2017
What does Terre Haute know about America?
Film/Video/Media · BROOKLYN, NY, United States
Sponsored since Mar 15, 2019
Belonging in the USA: Stories from...
Shifting the paradigm and conversation around belonging in America
Film/Video/Media · Highland Park, IL, United States
Sponsored since Feb 16, 2017
Beo String Quartet
Four musicians endlessly passionate about their art.
· United States
Sponsored since Nov 23, 2017
A not-for-profit art gallery in San Diego, CA
· San Diego, CA, USA
Sponsored since Sep 2, 2020
Better Late Than Never
A documentary film about the waning of the Holocaust-generation.
Film/Video/Media · International
Sponsored since Aug 6, 2014
Queer cultural center, bookstore, and event space hosted by The LGBT Community Center in NYC
· New York, NY
Sponsored since May 27, 2013
Big Red Wall Dance Company
Dance Company
· Detroit, MI
Sponsored since Feb 20, 2014
Binwanka new art research
Binwank new art research.
Film/Video/Media · International
Sponsored since Apr 12, 2016
Birch Swinger Ensemble
Engaging local audiences through the cultivation and presentation of original, kinetic works.
· Gainesville, FL, United States
Sponsored since Oct 31, 2018
Bird Of The Code
A mobile friendly project that connects people through coded art.
· Oconomowoc, WI, United States
Sponsored since Aug 1, 2017
Bit Rosie
BIT ROSIE is a web series and archive featuring female music producers.
Film/Video/Media · United States
Sponsored since Sep 30, 2015
Bitter Music: The Life of Harry Partch
Film/Video/Media · CUMMING, GA
Sponsored since Dec 1, 2008
Black Accessory Designers Alliance
BADA Unites for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment
· United States
Sponsored since May 8, 2017
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