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AAAF:SL Art Mobile Studio
AAAF: SL Art Mobile Studio
· Burlington, VT, United States
Sponsored since Aug 24, 2019
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Jean Franco Film Project
Jean Franco's Cruel Modernity
· International
Sponsored since Feb 27, 2017
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"A Huguenot Journey" book project
Literary Arts · Santa Monica, CA
Sponsored since Oct 26, 2006
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"Babylon Revisited"
F. Scott Fitzgerald's story "Babylon Revisited" is brought to life in a mixed-media theatre piece.
· United States
Sponsored since Apr 30, 2015
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"In God's Name"
The story of the persecution of Christians
· New York, NY, United States
Sponsored since Jul 18, 2018
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"Lightning in the Brain" - A New...
Stories can inspire new responses and give courage when we most need it..
· Kentfield, CA, United States
Sponsored since Apr 7, 2014
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"Mine" - by Maria Deasy
"Mine" - a new play by Maria Deasy
· United States
Sponsored since Jun 13, 2017
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#WeGlobal: African Americans Living...
Let's Make History Together
Literary Arts · Laurel, MD, United States
Sponsored since Oct 18, 2018
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Let's build a dream house, an Art Haus!
· Greenville, SC, United States
Sponsored since Nov 17, 2014
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1 in 8:The Torso Project
Breast cancer survivors create plaster casts of their torsos and share the healing power of art.
· United States
Sponsored since Aug 31, 2013
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18th & Union
an arts space
· United States
Sponsored since Sep 7, 2016
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19: The Musical, a Through the 4th...
Immersive Mutimedia
· United States
Sponsored since Mar 7, 2017
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Promotes Christians in the Arts
· Hattiesburg, MS
Sponsored since Oct 30, 2016
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1WhiteFeather Start Up Funding
Delicious Content with a Humanitarian Edge
· International
Sponsored since Jul 15, 2016
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2050 Legacy
A performance/artist development collective for empowerment and social change
· United States
Sponsored since Oct 29, 2010
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23 Elephants Theatre Company
23 Elephants Theatre Company, Dream Big!
· San Anselmo, CA, United States
Sponsored since Nov 15, 2017
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24 1/2 Years Served
Doc-u-Art: Motivating activism and social change through images and language
Literary Arts · Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Sponsored since Dec 4, 2018
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2nd Floor Rear
2nd Floor Co-Op is a creative consortium, think-tank, work-share, and dream machine for Chicago’s cu
· Chicago, IL
Sponsored since Mar 24, 2018
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3 Hole Press
3 HOLE PRESS is a small press bringing new audiences for new plays in printed formats.
Literary Arts · United States
Sponsored since Feb 17, 2017
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360 Repertory Company
360REPCO looks at theatre from all sides and creates it arc by arc until the circle is complete.
· New York, NY
Sponsored since Sep 28, 2013
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