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AAAF:SL Art Mobile Studio
AAAF: SL Art Mobile Studio
Visual Arts · Burlington, VT, United States
Sponsored since Aug 24, 2019
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Jean Franco Film Project
Jean Franco's Cruel Modernity
· International
Sponsored since Feb 27, 2017
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"Calder, The Musical" & Magic Thread...
"Calder The Musical" & Magic Thread Cabaret - Engaging entertainment
· INDIANAPOLIS, United States
Sponsored since Sep 28, 2015
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"IMatter" reflects the vitality and strength of communities through the beauty and promise of youth
Visual Arts · Guilford, CT, United States
Sponsored since Feb 2, 2015
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"In God's Name"
The story of the persecution of Christians
· New York, NY, United States
Sponsored since Jul 18, 2018
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"Sing Out Your Soul"
"Giving a voice to our inner city youth"
· Chicago, IL, United States
Sponsored since Nov 6, 2018
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#HealMeToo Festival
NYC's First #HealMeToo Festival
· New York City, NY, United States
Sponsored since Oct 28, 2018
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Let's build a dream house, an Art Haus!
Visual Arts · Greenville, SC, United States
Sponsored since Nov 17, 2014
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1 in 8:The Torso Project
Breast cancer survivors create plaster casts of their torsos and share the healing power of art.
Visual Arts · United States
Sponsored since Aug 31, 2013
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We are our own frontier
Visual Arts · New York, NY
Sponsored since Oct 23, 2012
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Repurposing vacant billboards as public art space for emerging artists
Visual Arts · New York, NY
Sponsored since Mar 28, 2011
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1812 privateer monument
Visual Arts · Baltimore, MD
Sponsored since Mar 29, 2011
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19: The Musical, a Through the 4th...
Immersive Mutimedia
· United States
Sponsored since Mar 7, 2017
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Promotes Christians in the Arts
· Hattiesburg, MS
Sponsored since Oct 30, 2016
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1WhiteFeather Start Up Funding
Delicious Content with a Humanitarian Edge
· International
Sponsored since Jul 15, 2016
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2016 Venice Architectural Biennale
A photographic interpretation of socially conscious architecture in the 21st Century
Visual Arts · International
Sponsored since Jan 31, 2016
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Exploring utopian societal constructions, 2028 is a nihilist, futuristic dystopian view of the world
· Riverside, CA, United States
Sponsored since Jan 29, 2019
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208 ensemble | Avant-Garden
Progressive chamber music in Boise, Idaho
· Boise, ID, United States
Sponsored since Jul 25, 2018
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24 1/2 Years Served
Doc-u-Art: Motivating activism and social change through images and language
· Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Sponsored since Dec 4, 2018
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2D4D provides access to resources and learning opportunities to change and improve social impact.
Visual Arts · Beaverton, OR, United States
Sponsored since Dec 26, 2018
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