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Roland Mills, Tenor

Tenor, Roland Mills: Inspiring new audiences and combining classical and Calypso cultures.

Roland Mills is one of very few classical singers originally from Trinidad & Tobago. This is primarily because the prevalence of vocal classical music in the Caribbean does not compare to that of more established countries.

He aims to change this.

He intends to give free recitals throughout Trinidad introducing new audiences to art song repertoire and opera. Using the connections he established within the arts community of Boston, he, and several of his gifted colleagues will enrich Caribbean ears with classical music.

Once in Trinidad, they will transform the songs of the Caribbean and present them in art song form to audiences back in America!

“My father is one of the founders of Gospelypso, a fusion genre of Caribbean Calypso and gospel music. He has armed me with the appropriate connections in Trinidad, to make this goal a reality.”

Through this cultural exchange, Roland Mills will introduce art song repertoire and opera, both new and old, to Caribbean and American audiences alike.

Becoming an opera singer, has always been a community effort. With tuitions upwards of $32,000 a year, many classical singers find sharing their art with the world impossible.

Post graduation, a singer must perpetually take voice lessons and coachings, must continue auditioning, traveling, and competing just to reach the stage.

This training, coupled with travel, daily upkeep of the instrument, and various self marketing and career management, makes for a very costly artistic process.

By contributing to this fund, you will enable this innovative, passionate young tenor to share his art with the world. As a patron of Roland's art, you have the opportunity to enrich the world with new music, and your donation is tax deductible!

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