PURE LUCK is modeled after the House of Medici which began it’s artistic patronage under Cosimo de’ Medici in the late 14th century Italy. The dynasty continued for 3 centuries as one of the most prosperous and most respected institutions in Europe. PURE LUCK holds the same philanthropic policy as the House of Medici and advocates artistic expression as a means of innovation, unity and community. Moreover, as a means of creating historical while advancing society. PURE LUCK’s support is broad and covers an array of disciplines from traditional artistic mediums and culinary ideas, alternative energy sciences, to Earth cohesion systems and the hybridization that is art, architecture, technology and design today.

Projects will vary greatly from traditional to non-traditional applications in fine art, installation, performance, architecture, design and technology. We aim to curate visionaries and tomorrows leaders today. We distribute PURE LUCK in the form of pointed, positive, substantial projects and exhibitions that pay inspiration, innovation and prosperity forward for future generations.

Our mission is to fund artwork with exceptional historical value and present it on a scale and in a format that is bold and outstandingly conceptualized. Future projects will consist of small scale artworks with a solid message coupled with large scale longer term projects. These larger, more pointed works will combine architecture, green technology and city planning elements tied into a conceptual package that are nascent homes, buildings, cities, suburban developments and communities.

Our members take part in a cause that aims at a better quality of life for everyone. PURE LUCK curates innovation through art application at a societal level.

Should you choose to support PURE LUCK you will be at the forefront of new ideas in societal infrastructures, the generation of new artistic methods and literally seeding grassroots change at a communal level.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of PURE LUCK at this time.
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