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The Abortion Diary Podcast (

One Diary. Countless Stories.

It is estimated that 42 million people worldwide have an abortion each year; yet the majority of those people will never talk about their abortion experiences. What if millions of people broke their silence and told the truth about their lives and their choices?

The Abortion Diary is breaking the silence around abortion by listening to and sharing true, complex personal stories about abortion. The Abortion Diary is traveling across the country creating spaces for personal abortion story-sharing, story-listening, and capturing diverse abortion experiences; stories that are as different as the people who share them.

The Abortion Diary is the intersection of self-expression, healing, and the art of story-sharing and story-listening. It is an innovative response to a deep craving for connection and community building amongst people who have had abortion experiences. We create a safe and supportive environment for all people to share their personal, unmediated abortion experiences and the complex decision making process surrounding the choice to have an abortion. The Abortion Diary is a space for people to speak out against the shame, stigma, secrecy and isolation surrounding abortion by generating, sharing and receiving personal stories. People share their personal stories, and empower others to give testimony about their personal experiences and choices surrounding abortion.

What makes the abortion diary podcast unique?

This is courageous story sharing by brave and (extremely) badass folks who have offered to be vulnerable and share a deeply personal and stigmatized story. Your contributions will continue to give them a space to share their stories and show the world that our stories matter! It amplifies our voices within the conversation about abortion

The Abortion Diary Podcast is the first ever and only publicly accessible collection of abortion audio stories. You can stream stories on our website, SoundCloud and Stitcher Radio, and download from iTunes. You can listen at home, in your car, on the bus, on a plane or train, on your run, while walking: in short, anywhere!

It is a way to offer people post-abortion care. Many people want to share their stories but haven't had anyone to share it with or a place that felt safe. The podcast is purely focused on the personal; moving the conversation about abortion into the personal realm and out of the political debate. It is a nonjudgmental and safe space where people can share their entire experiences and their full range of emotions.

It relies on human connection. There is always someone listening in person while the story-sharer is sharing their experience. When was the last time you felt listened to by someone?
This podcast is a way to leverage free forms of communication to allow people to share a story they haven't been able to share, or listen to a story they haven't been able to hear using a mode of communication that lots of people have access to around the world.

The Abortion Diary is a one-woman labor of love. It is free to the general public, remains ad-free and takes hundreds of hours a month to record, edit, curate, research, and write, and money to sustain it. If you find any joy, healing and value in it, please make a financial contribution. I need your help to push The Abortion Diary to the next level.

Any amount is welcome and appreciated. Here are some quick examples of what your donations can help cover:

$50 pays for one month of podcast hosting.

$75.00 - prints high quality promotional materials

$150 buys equipment and training for one of our story sharers to become an Abortion Diary story-listener and recorder in their community. All our stories matter and all stories need good listeners.

$200 pays for the production cost of one diary entry (recording, editing, writing and posting).

$250.00 - Provides Melissa with a fair wage for 10 hours of her time as she works on The Abortion Diary (outreach, social media, research, recording, editing, writing, website and Soundcloud maintenance, finances, planning, etc.)

$300 underwrites the cost of one community event or workshop.

$500 underwrites the typical cost of one month's travel for The Abortion Diary (travel, lodging, etc.).

$1000 pays for a year of podcast and website hosting, and maintenance.

Thank you. I look forward to bringing The Abortion Diary to your city or town.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of The Abortion Diary Podcast ( at this time.
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