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Open Space

Bringing you art, PMF & more since 2009!

Open Space is an artist-run gallery located at 512 W. Franklin St. Baltimore, MD. Open Space's mission is to promote a vibrant, visible and connected contemporary arts community in Baltimore through producing a consistent curated program of exhibitions, annual festivals and maintaining a wide variety of supplemental events such as lectures, film screenings and music shows. The space was founded in 2009 in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore, and grew to include a library, and performance space in addition to a spacious gallery. In May of 2013, Open Space was displaced by a two-alarm fire. Open Space continued to work on programming including our two large-scale annual festivals: the Publications and Multiples Fair and the Alternative Art Fair while seeking a new home. We moved into our new location in October of 2014. Open Space's core curatorial perspective is variety; because the gallery is run as a collective, members bring in various backgrounds and interests which creates a diverse calendar of shows including a wide range of mediums and points of view. Open Space shows local, national and international artists and produces events with attendance ranging from 50-50,000 people. We strive for a contemporary art community which is highly visible both in Baltimore and in a national art dialogue. It is also our mission to connect those producing quality contemporary arts programming across Baltimore to one another and those outside of Baltimore doing the same. Open Space is made possible by the love and hard work of its members and by the supportive and fruitful cultural community that exists in Baltimore. Current members include: Margo Benson Malter, Nick Peelor, Brendan Sullivan, Pete Razon, Colin Alexander, Allie Linn, Anna Crooks, Nick Vyssotsky, and Charles Imwold.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Open Space at this time.
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