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Piper McKenzie Productions

Piper McKenzie Productions was founded in 1998 when Hope Cartelli and Jeff Lewonczyk, upon graduating from Bard College, decided to make good on four or so years of vaguely contentious liberal arts education by creating a DIY outlet for their burning, itching compulsion to create dangerously effervescent theatrical art. Years later, with their Bizarre Science Fantasy dance-theatre series and a number of other projects, they continue, with grit and conviction, to tread the difficult but rewarding road of dramatic hardihood they embarked upon with their first serious production, Piper McKenzie Presents the Tinklepack Kids in the Great Yo-Yo Caper.

Their main goal: to keep making their audience very, very happy.

This is art.
This is global metamorphosis.
This is what we’re stuck with.
This is Piper McKenzie.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Piper McKenzie Productions at this time.
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