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Celebrate Chattanooga

Celebrate Chattanooga-Chattanooga's "Celebration Station" with Tekelia Kelly, Host

Celebrate Chattanooga is Chattanooga's "celebration station", and home of the city's new commemorative song "It's Really Been Nice" aka "Chattanooga Choo Choo Me Home". The song was written by site host and artist Tekelia Kelly, who debuted the song during Chattanooga's 175th anniversary in 2014. Celebrate Chattanooga is also a partner in supporting student education. In addition to celebrating the people, places, pleasures and projects of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the site also offers a service learning platform for Tekelia Kelly's CHIPS and INTERNCHIPS programs. Students are taught business, leadership and technology skills, along with given learner-adaptive, standards-based assessment and academic curriculum. The programs help empower student success through life, job and career transitions; providing skills training, mentoring, and hands-on work in the arts, business, engineering, computer technology, marketing, communications, social media and music recording. To volunteer, advocate, donate or be a sponsor with this project, please contact To help fund the needs of technology, teachers, tools, training and transportation, so that students can go from to school to work more successfully, please make your secure, online, tax deductible donation TODAY! Thank you!

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Celebrate Chattanooga at this time.
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