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Watch Room

“Watch Room" is an exploration of the line between creator and created.

Watch Room is about three maverick computer scientists believe they’re developing an Artificial Intelligence within the safety of a controlled environment - until their creation learns it’s at risk of being shut down.

“Watch Room” is an exploration of the line between creator and created that asks if the distinction matters at all. Whatever the reality, it doesn’t change our experience of the human condition. Malaria feels like malaria, war feels like war, "so it goes".

It’s the ones and zeroes of "Watch Room"’s code. The writer did his best to wrap it in the package of a grounded sci-fi thriller that respects the advances happening in Artificial Intelligence today - think Wozniak and Jobs kicking off the computer revolution from their garage, a bunch of dudes whose collective genius and cultural impact were way out of proportion with their pedestrian surroundings.

AI is very much in the zeitgeist, and rightfully so. Everything we've read suggests it will dramatically shape our future in ways we can’t even begin to understand. That inscrutability is part and parcel of this short film. We hope folks will leave with more questions than answers, so that their curiosity will contribute to the conversation.

Public Benefit:

With Watch Room, our goal is to contribute to the budding conversation around Artificial Intelligence research, in a way that respects the complexities involved. As such, we've done our best to create a story that touches on everything from simulation theory, to brain emulation, to Roko's Basilisk... to that most hallowed of science fiction questions: "What makes us human?"
Another goal of ours is to illustrate the possibilities within the realm of virtual reality.

Of course, "Watch Room"'s scientific roots drink deeply from rich dramatic soil. On one level, we're just plain old excited to make a film that's a joy to watch: smart and twisting in a way that respects the audience and keeps them guessing right up to that final reveal. It's the film's narrative merits that will help it break into the mainstream, joining a growing roster of conscientious sci-fi that treats AI as seriously as it deserves.

In short, our mission is one of education as well as entertainment. Currently, we’re fundraising for Watch Room and need your support to make it a reality.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Watch Room at this time.
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