Captured Melody

Logline: A girl learns the secret to her own identify and the real meaning of love through a story her Grandmother tells her.

Depressed over her first rejection in love, Beth Callahan finds herself stuck listening while her Grandma Rose attempts to cheer her up with a story. With her prized music box in hand, Rose tells of how the little ceramic fairy inside was cursed by an evil fairy prince and sentenced to dance round and round whenever the box was opened. Beth doesn’t buy the story, but her curiosity gets the best of her, and she sneaks a closer look at the music box. When, unexpectedly, Beth’s touch brings the fairy figurine to life, and the evil prince returns to regain his captor. With the chaos that follows, it is up to Beth to find a way to defeat the prince and return the fairy world to its right order while at the same time discovering truths about her own identity and the real meaning of love.

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