The Windmill Factory

We manufacture bold, interactive public art interventions that explore social and environmental issues, unify community, and spark policy change. Dostoyevsky said, “Neither man or nation can exist without a sublime idea.” We wish to create a sublime art pause; to stop a person in their tracks, to inspire them to enhance their own lives and the lives of others, to encourage them to take action.

We want you to laugh, we want you to be moved, we want you to interact with our work. We want you to be inspired by it’s complicité between power and fragility, humor and fear, beauty and utility. We want you to question how you view community, landscape, and existence. Perhaps it brings insight to a pressing issue, explores nature’s battle with human nature, reveals an undiscovered place or time, or is simply fun to slide down. Regardless, we hope our work evokes greater beauty to the world.

Perhaps our inspiration comes from Don Quixote’s quest for sublime adventure, a desire for danger driven goose bumps, a love of slapstick, or a battle with the inexplicable. Perhaps these varied inspirations birth our varied works from Interactive Lighting Installations, Sculptures, and Performance Installations to International Dance Theatre Collaborations.

Sponsored since Feb 1, 2008
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