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area danscompany

get your culture on!

Guided by the fundamental spirit, traditions, and tenets of American modern dance, area danscompany (AREA) provides  opportunities for education, creation, presentation, and community-building from the dance form perspective through classes, workshops, events, and performances in service of the recreational to professional dancer, dance advocates and patrons, and AREA’s constituents and stakeholders.

area danscompany will serve not as a performing company, but as a regional dance incubator creating programming and opportunity for the dance community at large as it seeks to curate performances, create opportunities for residencies, conduct dance instruction, and facilitate the self-production of artists within the region.

AREA aspires to find the place where serving the needs of the Buffalo dance and cultural communities intersects with serving the demands of the art form.

area danscompany is committed to contributing to and enhancing the cultural capital and cultural ecosystem of Buffalo and Western New York serving as an institutional voice for professional dance. area danscompany aspires to be an integral thread to the cultural fabric in Buffalo providing robust options for cultural consumers, aficionados, seekers, and learners.​

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of area danscompany at this time.
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