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Uprooted, an eco-travel blog

Uprooted is the story of a woman who gave up everything in search of a new beginning. Jessica Reeder is a writer and photographer who's tired of living the city life, and concerned with the future of humanity on Earth. With an eye toward sustainability and ecology, she is traveling from her home in Northern California to organic farms, sustainable developments, and new communities. Her goal is to discover and document a new way of life in which humans can live a fulfilling, harmonious and creative lifestyle while avoiding disruptions of natural patterns.

Throughout this journey, Jessica will work alongside those ecological pioneers who've already changed their own lives, and tell the story of sustainable living in a way that we can all understand. She believes that changing one's life is easy, if one knows how to begin; through the Uprooted project, Jessica blazes a trail from the city sidewalks into the depths of the great green world. Her biggest hope is that where she goes, others may follow.

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