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Extant Arts Company is dedicated to engaging audiences in a welcoming, challenging, rigorous and free-wheeling conversation about our shared stories. By combining excellent productions of enduring works from diverse traditions with the development of innovative projects that speak directly to the way we live now, our goal is to dream a more creative, dynamic, and resilient community into being.



Sophocles’ ANTIGONE
A New Version by Sarah Sharp with Greg Taubman

Performed in repertory with

PROGENY by Greg Taubman

October 17-20, 2012
The Riverside Theatre, 91 Claremont Ave., New York

December 1-9, 2012
The Connelly Theatre, 220 East 4th St., New York

Two millennia ago: a king struggles to reunify his city while a princess’s dissent threatens to reopen the wounds of civil war. To whom do the dead belong?

Today: a governor announces a new stance on abortion, only to find his niece staging a hunger strike in protest. Who decides when life begins?

Rehearsed and performed in repertory, these two plays provide a one-of-a-kind reckoning with the costs of certainty and the continued resonance of the original story of nonviolent protest.

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