The Films of Austen Hoogen

Austen Hoogen began filmmaking in 1996 after the completion of "Shoot Film Not People" film school and the production of "Terminal 187" on which he was Apprentice Director of Photography.

Since then Austen graduated with a degree in Film & Video Communications from Seattle Central Community College and has gone on to direct and shoot multiple short films, music videos, documentaries and webisodes.

Austen has received two Telly awards for his films, one for the writing and production of "Love, Inc."--a short film about the difference between desire and love--and "Rock Zombie"--a 24-minute HiDef short film about, well, zombies.

For a year and a half, Austen worked as a producer/editor and videographer for Seattle Community Colleges Television: producing and editing a bi-monthly show on artists and the arts in Seattle; producing and editing a quarterly news-magazine style show featuring the stories of student journalists from the three campuses; shot and edited episodes of Artists Express, a 30-minute monthly documentary series on Seattle area artists; and produced short documentary and interstitial segments for the station.

"Facing a New Age" is a 32 minute documentary commissioned by Three Dollar Bill Cinema and a Seattle gay-men's health and advocacy center, Gay City. The documentary had a grant-required before-the-end-of-the-year carved-in-stone exhibition date set. In fact, the invitations had already been printed and mailed before Austen was called. So, in the middle of November, 2008, with the $1,000 documentary stipend and $200 of his own money, Austen produced and edited "Facing a New Age", shooting in Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon and New York City. He delivered a documentary film that surpassed—that annihilated—expectations, and he did it in under six weeks.

"Made With Love", a short film on which Austen was the cinematographer, recently won first place in the online, 30-second film festival.

Overall, Austen has 20 years of imaging experience stemming from his start in still photography, a love of acting and theater from his days in community theater and over 15 years of shooting motion pictures on film and video.

His resume, samples and working philosophy can be viewed on his website:

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