Fractured Atlas
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Elixir Productions Theatre Company

Based in New York/New Jersey and producing off off Broadway since 1999, Elixir Productions Theatre Company is committed to developing plays and performances about gender, sexuality, and the impact of sexual identity on society, human relationships, and our selves. Made from equal parts tradition and experimentation, we aim to create a uniquely queer experience where our voices can reach new possibilities and summon new power in shaping our culture.

Productions associated with the company have been supported by such organizations as the New York State Council of the Arts, The Puffin Foundation, and the French-American Embassy, and our work has appeared at such popular downtown venues as Surf Reality and Dixon Place.

Donations in any amount will ensure continued life for our company by helping us secure performance space, advertise, and offer discount opportunities to non-profit LGBT and other community organizations. Your donation will also help offset the expenses of company members, many of whom work for little or no pay out of a commitment to our collective mission.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Elixir Productions Theatre Company at this time.
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Raised $1,000