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SAVVY PRODUCTIONS - Saviana Stanescu's production company


SAVVY PRODUCTIONS is using Saviana's 25-year experience as an artist/writer/teacher/curator/director to conceive, implement and/or support artistic and educational projects across borders (theatre, film, performance, play development, visual arts, literature, interdisciplinary work, artistic residencies, workshops, festivals, conferences, etc).

Saviana Stanescu's artistic work is cross-disciplinary, she is an award-winning playwright, poet, filmmaker, performance artist, curator, teacher and journalist, who is currently based in Ithaca and NYC, and whose work has been presented around the world.

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Your donations will help us curate/produce the annual showcase event for Immigrant Artists and Scholars in New York (IASNY). Please mention that your support is for this.

SAVVY PRODUCTIONS is also raising funds to finish post-production for the short film PLAYING NABOKOV, starring Dean Robinson and Sandra Sackey, written/directed by Saviana. DP: Juanito Sanchez. Producer: Matt Holtmeier.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of SAVVY PRODUCTIONS at this time.
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