DJ MACKBOOGALOO is on a mission to teach the youth that MUSIC is funky FREE-ENERGY for the planet!

DJ MACKBOOGALOO is the author of a free E-Book (linked below) that strongly advocates Youth Culture to turn towards Consciousness, using the metaphysical power of Music, as funky Free-Energy, to literally change the world for the betterment of ALL humanity.

DJ MACKBOOGALOO is actively promoting his works on several social marketing fronts targeting the “Global Bass” community, which is an emerging niche, within the popular Electronic Dance Music genre, that is representative of multi-ethnic sounds from various pockets of the world, especially the African Diaspora. He has developed the reputation on of being a “Global Bass phenomenon” (linked below), in terms of his prolific musical output and expansive use of divergent sounds from distant lands.

DJ MACKBOOGALOO's work is Free for the People & Free for the Planet!

Sponsored since May 31, 2010
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