"At first, it was just another interesting interview. Suddenly I got goosebumps. It felt like Dr. Shaia was talking in detail about my life, except he had never met me! In his book, he was putting forth the idea that most spiritual, cultural and religious traditions, including Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, indigenous cultures and modern psychology, referred to the same four steps of transformation or responding to change. He had been describing the characteristics of the second step when I recognized myself: "This experience is going to be like in a desert without water or in a stormy sea where the boat is just rocking violently and your ego mind feels it's about to drown thinks, I can't do this much longer. We're going to grasp at solutions too quickly. There is a natural process in the second path of trying this and trying that. It's all good. But we also need to realize that the real, deep resolution doesn't usually appear for a while.""

What would you do if faced with an impossible obstacle like finding yourself alone and unable to function, mentally or physically? After the two years it took to find out that what was disabling me was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Syndrome, I was amazed that it took another two years to find a doctor who knew how to treat me. Even more amazing is the fact that this story is typical in 21st century America, despite access to the best doctors. Many patients give up before they have a chance to get better.

My art is storytelling, my medium is blogging and my cause is the proper diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Let me show you how my art benefits patients, their communities and anyone who's felt overwhelmed by the pace of life and information in today's world.

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