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Wind Shadows

Carole Ryavec, doc film maker, produced a series of docs under the title “NYC Takes On Art” during 2009. The shows feature foreign-born artists who work in the city, including a Palestinian calligrapher, a Japanese calligrapher, a Thai-born abstract artist, a Rajasthan-born portrait artist, a Slovenian drummer, and a Trieste-born sculptor.

She has been active in documenting the creation of a wildlife corridor in the Rift Valley of Kenya.

Her long-time work-in-progress is a documentary, Shifting Borders, that explores aspects of cultural identity at the western border of Slovenia where the population was ruled by four different nations over the past eighty years.

Carole, an award winning screenwriter (Venus Retrograde, Chef’s Special, Dark Pools and Embargo) understands story, and loves to film creative people.

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