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ILATVIA/LATVIA is a shared evening of two original theatre pieces that explore personal mythology, national identity and the way we, as Americans, play detective with our pasts. Both pieces, each which revolves around an American’s relationship to Latvia as a point of origin, were originally conceived and developed separately. This project will pair these pieces to enable an active exchange between the two and extend the discussion to a larger conversation with artistic collaborators and the public. One piece deals with the desire to rewrite the past to serve a present crisis of self-identity, while the other traces a family line back until it begins to blur. Collectively, the pieces hope to unpack the idea of community from the point of view of the outsider and engage an audience in conversation around the idea of “who are your people, and what makes them yours?

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of LATVIA/LATVIA at this time.

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