The Americana Stars Memorial

Creating a Constellation Here on Earth!

My objective is to create and produce a 9/11 memorial that can be appreciated by children and adults together. When memorials are created, they are always geared for grown-ups or children, but very rarely for both frames of mind. Since this tragic event was unique in its affect on children, I want to create a memorial that they can appreciate and understand, but will not be too juvenile for adults. I want them to be able to experience this memorial project together with feelings of hope and optimism about their country without being overwhelmed with sadness.

The main piece, "The Americana Stars Memorial", will be a mural approximately 200 feet long, consisting of 50 separate fabric panels, all cross-stitched by hand. There will be over 3000 uniquely different stars, one for each victim. Their names will be stitched under their stars. Across the top of the panels will be words from famous speeches, quotes, documents and song lyrics that are related to the original ideals and concepts used in the founding of the United States of America. Nothing political.

My first 9/11 tribute piece, "An Americana Flag", has been requested for donation by the Smithsonian Institution for the National American History Museum in Washington DC. As a public art piece, this second, much larger piece will be configured for display in public open spaces, as well as for smaller museums. Public open spaces would include trade shows for cross-stitching, needlepointers and quilting, since the overall design combines elements from each catagory. They are part of a huge industry and have the potential to reach many 1000's of people.

In the future, I will be planning projects related to this one that will work towards helping children of all ages throughout the United States. I woud like to start a national Safe Haven program that will assist children and older adults who get lost. The Safe Haven program would involve stores of all kinds that would display the American flag logo of The Americana Stars Memorial in their windows as an automatic sign that they can get help to get home.

I am requesting financial donations and networking participation by anyone who has a personal feeling for the projects I have in mind. If you would like to read more about this project and programs, go to the official website

Thank you very much.

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The Sponsor-A-Star program invites everyone to sponsor a 9/11 victim's unique star for The Americana Stars Memorial. Each star is $50. Benefits: 1 - Your name will be listed next to the victim's name in the official directories that will be posted with the mural wherever it is exhibited. 2 - You will receive a custom designed certificate acknowledging your sponsorship. 3 - The victim's family will receive a custom designed certificate letting them know who thought so kindly of their loved one(s) (to respect the family's privacy, you must provide mailing information). If you would like to sponsor a specific person, please email their name(s) to Doreen Lynn Saunders at Every effort will be made to assign them to you. The sooner you sponsor, the better the opportunity. Thank you.

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