Sense the Wind

Blind sailors race across open water, learning not to fear what they cannot see.

Sense The Wind is a documentary film that follows the lives of four individuals who share a unique bond - each is blind and working toward the ultimate goal of racing in the 2013 Blind Sailing World Championship in Japan. Viewers experience these sailors' lives on the water as they face the ever-present risks of navigating a sailboat, and ashore, as they cope with the challenges of their disability, careers and personal lives.

This film inspires each of us to do more with what we have. People with disabilities - visual, physical, neurological - push themselves beyond the conventional limitations of their disability to grab more from life. Sailors and non-sailors alike will experience the exhilaration of embracing life's obstacles in a team oriented competitive environment.

Increasing awareness of adaptive sailing within the able-bodied sailing community will engage more organizations to recognize and embrace the opportunity to support all manner of adaptive sailing.

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