Moving Home: The Legacy of Halla Huhm

A story of woman who went to search for home through dance...

A visually poignant and enigmatic portrait, MOVING HOME explores the life of Korean dancer and teacher Halla Pai Huhm (1922-1994), whose life was shaped by the turbulent tides between Korea, Japan, and Hawaii during the early half of the 20th century. Not afraid to uproot the debased image of the female dancer and the attributed mystic shaman origins of Korean dance, Huhm was a pioneer in staging dances that made Korean identity visible against the backdrop of colonialism, war, and immigration, leaving behind a significant legacy in Hawaii. Through interviews and archival footage of performances and studio rehearsals, the film unravels the entanglements of identity and loss that imbued Huhm’s character, but which also motivated her to forge her artistic path in a new land. MOVING HOME brings to light the impermanence of home, self, and place; yet, reveals the transcendent potential of the body and the unyielding force of a dancer’s spirit.

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