Sin Matador

Produced in partial fulfillment of Columbia University’s MFA Film program, Sin Matador is a comedy about a young couple, Darren and Sylvie, whose long overdue romantic dinner plans are foiled when Darren is kidnapped by bullfighters holding an illegal, underground bullfight in the basement of their Manhattan luxury apartment building.
Sin Matador began as an image – a man coming home and encountering a fighting bull and its handlers in an elevator – and grew into this very funny film about a nice couple facing the challenges of adjusting to the absurdity of living in New York City. In many ways it’s about my personal experience moving from Seattle to New York - an impossibly large, diverse, and often overwhelming city.
It’s a modern comedy with that strives to live up to its roots and influences: the classic physical comedy of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, the wit and pacing of Howard Hawks, Frank Capra and the screwball comedies of the 40s and 50s, the visual humor in Jean Pierre Jenet’s Delicatessen and Amelie, and the incredible character humor of Emir Kusturika’s Underground and Black Cat White Cat.
Sin Matador is a short film but a big movie. It’s fast paced, funny, and has a sense of adventure, but the film addresses the topics that all couples face when they simply cannot seem to find the time for one another. The bullfight is absolutely real and the audience may enjoy piecing together the logistics of how these people could actually stage this event: the doorman is in on it, they bring in their own lighting, the bull will only fit through the front doors, etc.  It is a comedy that starts simple and grows in absurdity taking its audience along for the ride and into the literal ring. Darren and Sylvie’s goal is remarkably simple: to have dinner together. But the journey they travel is full of twist and turns that they could never have imagined and they must completely rely on one another to make it out unscathed.

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