The Groove Factory

Its December 31st, 1999. N.Y.C....
It's New Years Eve, 1999. With the entire country caught up in "Y2K Paranoia", Chazz Goodhart decides it's the perfect opportunity to escape his rural hometown of Redfield, Virginia. He leaves behind his Meth-dealing mother, and hops a Greyhound bus in hopes of getting into the Party Of The Century: "The Y2K Bootyquake Bash" at The Groove Factory. Despite the assault on New York City's Clubland and the politically charged "War on Designer Drugs", D.J. Willy D. Vinyl has managed to keep his club pumping nightly, and the countdown to the Millennium promises to be a life-changing event. Set to an original score of pulsating electronic pop music, The Groove Factory is an exciting new musical theater experience!
The show will receive it's world premiere this July at the New York Musical Theater Festival (a.k.a. the "Sundance" of musical theater). After ten years of working on this piece, we are excited to present it fully staged with a cast and team direct from Broadway and the Billboard Dance Charts.
The festival is the perfect platform to interest established commercial investors and producers in taking it to the next level of Broadway, Off Broadway and/or Europe. We need to raise $50,000 to turn our dream of mounting this unique, ground-breaking show into a professionally executed reality.

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