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I am an actor and playwright who uses the Arts to fight ignorance that contributes to racism, as well to tackle social issues, and provide strong roles for women and other under represented groups in theatre and film. I now also include providing culture to the vulnerable population as part of my mission. Realizing that the lack of arts education is partly responsible for the decline in culture and cultured people I want to help fill that void. When a people are cultured they are often contributors to society and problem solvers. They ponder social issues and seek resolution. Knowing that Black and Latino males in this country are an endangered species, if armed with culture and a passion for something they have a better chance of survival. I must find a way to give culture to those lacking it. To provide an opportunity to participate in the creation of art, to experience art, to find their passion through the arts. That will also be my goal.

My first play "A Wound In Time" was a supernatural mystery/thriller that I directed and produced at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in 2010, and Off Broadway at St. Lukes Theatre in November of 2012, gives a "true" day in the life of a Santeria practitioner dispelling myths around this Afro-Cuban religion as well as confronts a multitude of social issues such as bullying; classism; homophobia; intra-racism; interracial relationships; and religious persecution.
Here's what a judge from the 2011 NYIT Awards had to say about the 2010 original production of "A Wound In Time": "This was a long show 2 hours and 20 minutes. It's hard to hold an audience that long, but they did. It was a wonderful evening in the theatre and I'm delighted I had the chance to see it. I was especially glad to see such well written and acted women on stage. The story was compelling, complex, funny and the characters rich." My screenplay adaptation of "A Wound In Time" was a semi and quarter finalist in two international contests. I hope to film the screenplay as a feature for VOD distribution in late 2014.

I am currently working on trilogy of new plays both dealing with the female condition in our society. The first play, "The Grinder" about an aging stripper, had a stage reading in June 2013 and will showcase in April 2014. The second play, "Silk Stockings and a Bible", about a church lady with a past, is set for a staged reading March 2014 and showcase June 2014. The third play, "Wild Child", has yet to be completed and will have an Asian character as lead. The entire trilogy is projected to have a 2 week run in the late fall of 2014 after each has had a showcase run.

I also host and produce an online radio program called "Multicultural Moments" which is an extension of my work to foster the appreciation of cultural diversity and fight ignorance.

My work on my anti-racism documentary "The Descendants Of Africa: Evolution of a People and Culture" was put on hold due to a personal and financial setbacks after 9/11. I hope to one day resume filming the project in Latin America and Africa. I will also begin research on another documentary project about my idol, the great Italian actress, Anna Magnani. It will show the unlikely influence that she had on a little black girl from the South Bronx; me.

My latest play that I produced and directed, the historical Creole drama "Blood Makes The Red River Flow", was inspired by my interviews filming the "Creole" segment of the documentary in Louisiana. Though totally fiction it is based in historical fact. It is essential to disseminate little-known facts by any means necessary. It is about Bloodlines, Pride, and Sacrifice and the humanity during trying times in history.

The full length stage play opens in New Orleans circa 1961 in the Greenroom of a luxury hotel as Gabrielle Laviteaux-Montero Jones awaits to get presented at the Cotillion Ball. It flashbacks to the Red River in western Louisiana circa early 1800's as her reluctant ancestor, Lizette Laviteaux, is presented to handsome Spaniard Ferdinand Juan-Carlos Montero by her mother, Yaya.

With the help of a few donors "Blood Makes The Red River Flow" found a home in the heart of NYC's Theatre District and ran Feb 21-26th at Roy Arias Studios and Theatres. It created quite a buzz and we hope to bring it back Off Broadway with an open ended run of 2 shows a week to ride the buzz and continue to build an audience. We also began taking it "on the road", recently performing scenes at the "Celebrate Diversity, Celebrate You Festival" on June 2nd in 2012 outside the Harlem State Office Building to as appreciative crowd. We have added Creole cuisine to the mix and will be had our first dinner theatre event on July 21, 2013. It was reviewed by Mark Savitt, and Eva Heinemann of "Hi! Drama".

Theatre critic Eva Heinemann: "I kept thinking of John Guare's "A Free Man of Color" done at Lincoln Center awhile ago which dealt with the same subject of what happens to all the free people under Spanish and French rule in the Louisiana Purchase territory that gets destroyed by joining the United States with their horrible slavery. This was even better as it was from the female point of view. It's a very gripping story,"

Theatre critic Mark Savitt:
"The combination of Creole dinner with this rich history play worked wonderfully to enhance each other. I hope this dinner theater combo gets another chance to enchant a wider audience."

Both my dramas, have strong female characters, and the three recently completed new works of my trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew", slated for readings, showcases, and full production in 2014, will also give women a much needed voice. The first play in the trilogy,"The Grinder", is about an aging stripper whose obsession with survival makes it hard to accept that her time on the runway has long passed. The second play, "Silk Stockings and a Bible", about a church lady with a past, is set in Harlem during WWII's Swing Era. The third play, "Wild Child", about a misunderstood and disregarded free spirit, is set in the Disco Era. It has an Asian female lead, and multicultural cast. Scenes from 3 of my plays were accepted into the 2014 Harlem Arts Festival to be performed on June 29, 2014 at Marcus Garvey Park.

I am hoping to enter pre production of "A Wound In Time" this Summer. I also began writing a drama set in Ancient times titled, "Ancients Rising". I believe the ancients were more sophisticated in regards to multiculturalism and find them to be fascinating subjects for my fictional play.

There is still much to be done and your support is always needed for all of my projects for change. You can help by donating funds or items to any project:
-making a tax deductible donation of cultural event tickets and/or funds to help in the cultural immersion of endangered Black/Latino male youth. Because a cultured people are empowered people. This will help provide them with stipends while working on productions, carfare, and attendance to cultural venues to begin in 2014.

-making a tax deductible donation of/for period costumes and/or funds for my historical drama's ongoing arts education.

_making a tax deductible donation to help me elevate the quality of all upcoming productions of stage and film.

Enjoy this slide show from the run of "Blood Makes The Red River Flow", by WRS Graphics. Get a taste of the spice and consider inviting us to entertain and enlighten!


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