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Chamber Music Side by Side

Chamber Music Side by Side

With "Chamber Music Side by Side" the Los Angeles-based trio FUGU, comprised of pianist Ming Tsu, violinist Lorenz Gamma and cellist Joon Sung Jun, are realizing their vision of a project that brings fundamental chamber music and collaboration skills and knowledge to passionate young music students, both here in the US and around the globe.

In a music world that poses significant economic challenges for a great number of musicians either regularly trained for careers as soloists or vying for few available full-time orchestra positions, a profound and encouraging chamber music education is of paramount importance in that it can help music students advance in their skills of communication, interaction, networking and ultimately the cultivation of their artistic community. As music faculty members at three different colleges in the Los Angeles area the trio FUGU witnesses time and again that music students who enjoy an inspired chamber music education, rather than purely orchestral training or training as soloists, are often the ones who later enjoy most collaborating with other members of the artistic community, while at the same time are most likely to think innovatively and therefore become often the most active and original members of the new musical generation. It is these students, with their knowledge and passion for independent collaboration through chamber music, who are often able to bring their craft into their communities through engaging projects, thus helping to bridge the ever-widening gap between art and the broader public.

In intensive workshops spread over several days the three musicians intend to work, side by side, with a few music students at a time studying, rehearsing and ultimately performing together significant chamber music works, providing these students with a fast-paced and uniquely "professional" learning experience. With chamber music serving as a universal art form of communication and diplomacy it is of great priority for the trio to help primarily cultivate the students' self confidence and sense of self-initiative and to ultimately fuel their passion for becoming creative and active members of their cultural communities.

It is the objective of trio FUGU to bring yearly projects to musical institutions that benefit most from an education geared towards a self-initiated musical life, both in the US and internationally. In its first undertaking, planned for the Fall of 2012, Chamber Music Side by Side will go to Korea and Vietnam. From the latter country they have accepted an invitation for a master class at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi, while talks have been initiated about a similar project in Korea. Any funds raised in excess of the cost of the tour will be used to purchase much-needed sheet music to restock the libraries of these deserving institutions.

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