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THE BOXER by Matt Lyle
Directed by Kacie Smith
Choreographed by Ahmad Simmons

THE BOXER is a side-splitting, gut-busting, hour-long comedic romp without one single spoken word. From high-speed motor boat chases and dream ballets to Rocky-style training montages, this play has everything you could want onstage. A silent play in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin that is fun for the whole fan!

We need to raise $9,600 to break even for this show. There will be in rehearsal showings and events for donors to get more information and a better idea of what this show has to offer! Contact us if you'd like more information! TTO@pursuitproductions.co

Pursuit Productions is the brainchild of Ahmad Simmons and Kacie Smith, melding artistic genres to tell stories of mythic proportions. While they are currently focusing on utilizing the elements of dance and drama to create a new form of storytelling, they hope to expand the company to encompass a number of different visual and auditory media as well as showcasing many different artists and storytellers. Fellow artists are encouraged and welcomed to get involved and share their own ideas and projects!

The mission of Pursuit Productions is to produce and present the work of innovative and emerging artists in the greater Chicago community that is collaborative in nature and pushes the boundaries of current artistic genres.

At Pursuit Productions we value:
+ New Revelations for audience members to experience art in exciting and interesting new ways.
+ Safety for Creative Minds to focus on the process of their work and to freely strive for their most candid creative goals.
+ The Human Experience and the ability to recognize and see the relativity of all human endeavors.

Sponsored since Jan 30, 2012
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This donation helps cover the cost of rehearsal space! A vital component in the production process!

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