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Fortnight is a non-profit, new media project that brings together diverse cultures, histories, peoples, and disciplines in one compact space. Fortnight inspires creativity and promotes the work of a new generation of young artists, thinkers and leaders. This innovative project combines documentation, fellowship, and mentorship models to create a destination for entertaining and thought-provoking content. Fortnight uses the boundless reach of the Internet, to empower the Millennial Generation—connecting them to their peers and luminary mentors. Fortnight seeks both to document this unique generation and promote the best minds of the 21st century.

Fortnight is an online publication that features the work of 14 millennial contributors (“fortnightists”) in 14 distinct disciplines each edition. In each edition, luminary mentors respond to a fortnightist from their respective field. Fortnight honors the past as it archives the future. As a documentary project, Fortnight publishes original work by emerging young leaders in a variety of fields, and produces intimate dialogues on their vocational formation. As a mentorship project, Fortnight connects its contributors to established mentors in their tradition. And, as a fellowship project, Fortnight strives to incubate new community by brining contributors together.

Millennials, born roughly between 1978 and 1990, are unique: simultaneously the last who will remember a world without the Internet and yet they are its earliest adaptors. The current revolution in information technology is unprecedented, fostering a generational shift unlike any other in history. But, the unemployment rate for these individuals in the United States is a staggering 18%, double the national rate.

It is critical to revive the mentor model now; mentorship is this generation's strongest asset for professional development in a time of global recession and economic stagnation. Every edition, contributors are paired with luminary mentors, who cultivate an intergenerational dialogue with their young counterparts, provide wisdom, advice, and inspiration for both their protégés and our audience. By meeting the twin goals of exposing our contributors to the greater public and connecting them with mentors, Fortnight opens the doors of opportunity while enriching contributors with the knowledge and experience of experts in their fields. Since Fortnight launched in October 2010, it has positively affected the life of every contributor.

After appearing in Fortnight, fortnightists have collaborated with each other, been invited to speak on prestigious panels, lecture at top universities, and be hired for competitive jobs. In Edition I, young graphic designer Xavi Garcia was mentored by iconic graphic designer Marian Bantjes. After showcasing his work on Fortnight, he was able to intern at designer Stefan Sagmeister’s prestigious firm in New York City. He has since secured a position at HUGE, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY). At Fortnight we say ”˜the content may be online but the movement I actual.’ Fortnight brings together its contributors through concerts, shows, and events. Fortnight creates alliances amongst tomorrow’s great artists and idea leaders, showcasing their work in a way that changes their lives and creates a one-of-a-kind portrait of a generation as it comes of age.

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