billy & CO.

Billy & Company’s (billy & CO.) mission is to produce more creative and inclusive theater programming in North Brooklyn through innovative collaboration. billy & CO. fosters the belief that by partnering across arts disciplines, a more evocative world of theater is created.

This year, Billy & Company (billy & CO.) launches its 2012 inaugural season of performances. Join billy & CO., as it embarks on an ambitious, multi-year journey to pool artists together to imagine a cultural arts center here in North Brooklyn, positioning Williamsburg and surrounding neighborhoods as an integral part of the New York theater scene.

billy & CO. theater reflects the range of energetic music, dance, and visual art produced in the North Brooklyn community. By partnering across arts disciplines, billy & CO. affirms the value for more inclusive ways for making theater, turning out highly imaginative performances that are infinitely more dynamic, compelling, and adventurous because of the emphasis on innovative collaborations.

A vibrant and creative community, North Brooklyn is the perfect setting for Billy & Company to explore a theater process that connects theater artists with other artists who typically would not cross-collaborate. Performances proudly reflect the spirit of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods—lively, innovative, and adventurous.

Williamsburg once teemed with disparate subcultures of art makers. Independent cultural producers thrived by conditioning exclusive spaces and maintaining intimate followings. However, connectedness has become increasingly important in North Brooklyn neighborhoods. This value is evident in changing social spaces that have grown more community and partner oriented. North Brooklyn looks toward sustainable activities found in meaningful partnerships.

billy & CO. is on a journey to develop a cultural space that engenders this type of positive growth by practicing the type of collaboration that is already very much so evident in North Brooklyn.

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