Peace Pilot

Peace begins within...

What is Peace Pilot?
Peace Pilot is a monumental video art installation by Dallas artist Trayc Claybrook. The installation is comprised of four (4) Color High Definition video & sound triptychs, each five minutes in length, featuring an “every-person” character in metaphoric environments which represent the hero’s journey towards personal, communal, and global transformation and peace. The films are moving paintings of light, designed to be projected on natural and architectural spaces.

What is Peace Week 2012?
Peace Week 2012 is a week-long celebration of peacemaking featuring the world premiere of Peace Pilot, projected on the exterior and interior walls of the Interfaith Peace Chapel in Dallas, Texas; a modern masterpiece by acclaimed architect Philip Johnson. The event will take place over a period of five days culminating with a large community celebration of music, meditation and education supporting International Peace Day, September 21, 2012. Events will include classroom curriculum and lessons on peacemaking, plus visits to the exhibition for school children, as well as interfaith spiritual practices, musical performances, and meditation sessions for the community. The lighting of the projections will commence at a festive VIP gala and media preview, where all four sides of the Interfaith Peace Chapel will become video screens, illuminated with the images of Peace Pilot on a continuous loop. The interior of the Peace Chapel will be arranged as a meditation space, with the four videos playing sequentially. Funds raised by the event will sponsor local community peacemaking efforts, as well as efforts to continue Peace Week in 2013. The day-long celebration on September 21, International Peace Day, will be open to the public.
Trayc Claybrook is an artist, filmmaker, educator, and peace builder.

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