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Voices of Health

Voices of Health, an audio portraits project, records the 1st-person stories of DC residents living with HIV and AIDS talking about their experiences first learning of their diagnosis and living forward. The audio portraits are then made accessible to the public via website, podcast and installed in public locations (such as waiting rooms, pharmacies, libraries, government offices, universities and maybe even the DMV) in the form of Listening Stations.

Visitors can explore the gallery of audio stories by simply picking up a set of headphones and navigating through a touch screen kiosk or wall-mounted display to hear the stories of friends, colleagues and neighbors from across the DC area.

Voices of Health's Audio Portrait Listening Stations serve as an artistic tool for education- ideally reducing stigma and fostering community and dialogue across all quadrants of the District of Columbia. Real voices tell the real stories of life with HIV and AIDS in Washington DC.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Voices of Health at this time.
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