NEW FORMS: Doctor Faustus Lights The Lights

Doctor Faustus sells his soul for the electric lights- they say he is the only one who can turn night into day. But Marguerite Ida and Helena Annabel is the one who is truly bright, for her soul glows with candle light. The dog says "Thank you," the boy says "Remember me," and the chorus sings, "The whole thing is extraordinary, which is a great relief."

"Doctor Faustus Lights The Lights" By Gertrude Stein will be performed in late October by NEW FORMS, a group of young theater-makers interested in exploring the boundaries of theatrical form. With original music, a story of the soul, and a ballet of light, we hope to move our audience.

We need $10,000 to fulfill our vision and compensate each artist with $200. Please consider making a donation--but more importantly, come see our show! You can learn more about our work, our mission, and our team at

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of NEW FORMS: Doctor Faustus Lights The Lights at this time.
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