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Liria Duo

Breathing life into new art song

Emily Murdock, soprano & Sara Parkinson, piano

We are a soprano/piano duo specializing in the performance and recording of art song. Our repertoire primarily includes the works of living composers. It is our goal to share this beautiful and poignant art form with the remote corners of the United States through live performances and recordings. We are passionate about collaborating with living composers, as we have done and will continue to do with Libby Larsen, allowing us to experience the incredible creative process of our generation of composers. It is our privilege to promote their works and expose the public to these extraordinarily relevant songs.

Our debut album, Songs of Her Self, features three works by Libby Larsen: Donal Oge, ME (Brenda Ueland), and Songs from Letters. It is the premiere recording of the first two works, produced by Grammy-award winning engineer and producer Adam Abeshouse of Westchester, New York. Libby Larsen joined Adam in the studio during the recording in October 2012.

This project is the result of over two years of preparation that includes close collaboration with the composer. Libby chose texts written by strong-willed, notable women who lived ”˜against the grain’ when it came to the world around them. The lives of these women spanned two continents and several centuries: 8th-Century Ireland, the 19th-Century Wild West, and 1930s America. Libby’s music captures the environments where each of these women lived and loved.

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