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ALL RISK - Trust In Pete Ippel

Take the question marks in your life and bend them into exclamation points ‽ Team #ALLRISK

ALLRISK is the first multi-threaded narrative that integrates a choose-your-own-adventure style plot with text, video, and audio.

ALLRISK is the story of a young man smitten by passion for art, travel, and technology who wakes up in the hospital not knowing where he'd been for the last 11 days.

The plot develops as protagonist realizes who he is, what he loves, where he's going, and how he's going to get there.

Based on my own experiences ALLRISK is the stylized account of my recovery from life-saving brain surgery in November 2010.

Your support directly benefits ongoing technical and creative work for ALLRISK that will be deployed on tablets, mobile phones, social spaces, and galleries.

Thank you for the help making ALLRISK a reality.

-Pete Ippel, The Human Interrobang

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