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The Vak Project

The Vak Project explores the profound relationship of sound and voice to our experience of being.

The Vak Project is a year-long program involving the education of a diverse community of 100+ "every day voices" in yogic sound philosophies and practices which will culminate in the premiere performance of a piece commissioned by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on September 20-21, 2013. The project grows out of Ann Dyer’s personal immersion in these practices and her assertion that these practices can serve as an ancient antidote to contemporary challenges, challenges that result, in part, to the privileging of sight over sound, connectivity over intimacy, and noise over silence. It is the intention of the project to inspire and awaken the public to the of the power of voice, the value of silence, and other related subjects through concert performance, cultivation of a community choir and public education programs.

The concert, Vak: Song of Becoming is an inter-disciplinary musical performance that explores the profound relationship of sound, particularly voice, to our experience of being. The piece is built on the Vak Community Choir of “everyday voices” who will be performing Vedic hymns, tantric mantras, and writings from the female sage Vak Ambrini. Dyer and an ensemble of international guest soloists form the nucleus of the piece, melding pop sensibilities, jazz improvisation, devotional chant and classical Indian raga in an immersive sonic experience. Gesture and movement will be employed to further connect sound to bodily experience. Audience members will be periodically invited to step out of the role of passive observer and actively participate in this event that crosses the boundaries of performance and spiritual practice, audience and performer, time and space, ancient and contemporary in a concert experience that Dyer refers to as a "modern musical awakening.”

It is anticipated that the momentum initiated by these efforts will continue beyond the scope of the Vak Project, resulting in ongoing Vak Choir activities and educational outreach to benefit of the community.

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