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Fencing for the Edge

It's time to grow the sport of fencing in the United States.

In basketball gyms, cafeterias, hallways, and field houses, over 2000 New Jersey students are competing against each other with swords. Fencing for the Edge is a feature-length documentary capturing the 2013-2014 High School Fencing season in the state of New Jersey, the most active high school fencing league in the country. With many students beginning as freshmen, fencing is one of the few sports kids can start at a later age and still become champions within four years. In an individual sport like fencing, competition is direct with one other person. The fencer may have a teammate or a coach near their strip, but in the end it is the fencer who makes the actions and decides what to do in the moment. Important decisions must come quickly and with confidence for the fencer to succeed. Like in high school, how a person responds to confrontation or the stress of a test defines their character. Fencing is not just a high school sport for these students, but a way to shape the rest of their lives.

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