The Spirit of River City

Help "The Spirit of River City" get a major regional production!

"The Spirit of River City" is a bio-musical with a twist. Elder Meredith Willson (author of "The Music Man") comes down from heaven and back to 1928 to try to help his 16-year-old scared, yet rebellious self reconcile the terrible relationship with his father. "The Music Man" was supposed to be about Meredith's childhood in Mason City, Iowa, but he only left out one thing. Himself. "The Spirit of River City" fills this hole with over 100 pieces of biographical detail. It's a clean, charming, poignant, exciting family show with a great, hummable score, in which Meredith Willson runs away from home to San Francisco,falls in love, forms a banjo band and finally returns to Mason City in musical triumph and to a new relationship with his father. Funding is needed to record new songs for the show's album, for administrative support and to provide enhancement money for the regional theater that will produce the show.

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