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The Bliss Project

The Bliss Project: Art is Action

The Bliss Project is a series of three monumental sculptures of a woman, Deja Solis, expressing her humanity. Each scuplture is at least 40 feet tall, constructed of welded steel rods and balls, covered in stainless steel mesh skin with interactive lighting effects. I intend these sculptures to demand a change in perspective, to be a catalyst for social change; to de-objectify women and inspire men and women to take action to end violence against women, thus allowing both women and men to live fully and thrive. Bliss Dance, the first sculpture in the series, debuted at Burning Man 2010 and has been installed on Treasure Island in San Francisco since 2011. Truth is Beauty, the second sculpture debuted at Burning Man 2013. R-evolution is currently in production.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of The Bliss Project at this time.
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Your donation will go toward the completion of R-evolution, the third sculpture -following Bliss Dance and Truth is Beauty- in The Bliss Project. Please join us in making this vision a reality and receive a bronze Truth is Beauty or Bliss Dance pendant...your choice! Thank you for your support!

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