the Arts Bureau

The Arts Bureau is a Brooklyn based collective of artists whose mission it is to produce and nurture the creations of its ensemble members. A multifaceted organization, the Arts Bureau (tAB) encompasses (tAB): Theatre, (tAB): Visual, (tAB): Film, (tAB): Music, and (tAB): Writing. (tAB) is committed to utilizing all media in order to expand the relevance of its members’ work and to reach a community of diverse, ever-expanding interests. We are deeply committed to the international exchange of ideas, the collaborative, ensemble process, and the bringing together of community in both the running of our business and the creating of our art.

Created in November, 2006, by Marci Adilman and Randy Harrison, (tAB) is a multidisciplinary organization created by and for its members. Please visit us at our still under construction website or email us at

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of the Arts Bureau at this time.
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