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Anon It Moves DBA The Complete Works Project

The Portland Complete Works Festival: 37 Plays, 2 Years, 1 City

The Complete Works Festival is a collaboration of Portland’s theatrical, artistic, and academic communities to stage every comedy, history, and tragedy Shakespeare wrote, as well as the sonnets and poems, over a two-year period. The productions will be as unique as the individual participating companies, large and small, whose creative vision will be showcased at indoor and outdoor venues across the city, presenting a spectrum of artistic interpretations ranging from the meticulously traditional to the radically original. In addition to the productions themselves, the Festival will include a lecture series open to the public featuring high profile scholars and performers of Shakespeare's works, educational and theatrical opportunities for students of all ages, and opening and closing ceremonies and other cultural events organized by the Festival's Steering Committee. The Festival will begin on April 23rd, 2014—Shakespeare’s 450th birthday—and run until April 23rd, 2016—the 400th Anniversary of his death. This will mark the first time in our nation’s history that the Complete Works of William Shakespeare have been mounted as a collaborative effort in such a condensed period of time.

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