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Cuatro Puntos

A collective of chamber musicians dedicated to global cooperation and peace

Cuatro Puntos is a collective of chamber music dedicated to global cooperation and peace through the writing, performance, and teaching of music worldwide.

"Cuatro Puntos" means "four points" in Spanish, and references our dedication to bringing people from all parts of the world together through music. Musical diplomacy is key to our mission, and we do our part to spread peace and understanding through musical partnerships around the world.
These culture-bridging projects come in many forms:

- We participate in outreach partnerships abroad in Bolivia, India, and Afghanistan.

- We currently support the AFCECO Orphanages in Kabul Afghanistan, funding and overseeing its music program at the Mehan Orphanage and Sitara Orphanage.

-We do local outreach projects where we work to level the education and access gap in our own community.
This includes a recent summer school for students with behavior and family issues in New Britain, CT, funded by the United Way,
and our free Chamber Music for Peace workshops in Hartford, CT, funded by the Connecticut Office For the Arts.

- We provide opportunities for young musicians around the world to have their music performed in the United States and abroad.
Our Zvi Zeitlin Memorial International Composer's Competition gave international recognition of excellence to 16 musicians from 12 countries,
and the majority of those works are to be performed as part of our concert season.
The top winners will have their music performed in Bolivia and Brazil, also.

- We do local educational workshops where our musicians go to schools, churches, and community centers to do presentations on their work abroad,
introduce people to music of other cultures, and talk about the role musical diplomacy can play in the lives of those
affected by the world's pressing political issues.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Cuatro Puntos at this time.
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